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Spanish for Au Pairs

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If you come to Madrid to work as an Au Pair, Luis Vives Escuela de Español offers you anything you need to learn Spanish language and culture.


The course

Luis Vives Spanish School gives you the option of coming to Spain to work as an Au Pair. Au Pair's job consists of taking care of children from a Spanish family in the afternoon and do some household tasks. The Au Pairs work about 30 hours a week, taking one or two days off per week. They work with children in the afternoon, having mornings and Sundays off. The family, in turn, provides support (all meals and a room) and a monthly. If you want to work as an Au Pair in Madrid, write us

Learn our wonderful language while enjoying our cultural activities, with the Pack Au Pairs Español + Cultura Española. You will be able to obtain a student visa with the registration certificate provided with our course.

au-pairYou will learn Spanish along with class mates from different origins and native teachers.  We work on the teaching units of our books, paying special attention to students' language use and the use of our multimedia tools.

Cultural immersion activities are fun and different. You will visit Madrid museums, get to know the Spanish food, tour through the the most important tourist interesting places, and you will even know the night life at the weekend. You will also able to attend lectures about History, Culture and Arts, and take part in our fun language exchanges.



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